Criteria to be a member

An Oromo Woman/Girl who is eighteen (18) years old or older who subscribes to IOWO's purpose shall be eligible to be a member of IOWO, with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereof. Any women residing anywhere in the Globe can be a member of IOWO: Individually or as a member of a Chapter, based on the above age category.

To be a member is as simple as 1,2,3, Print member ship form.It is available in PDF format. To view this file format requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader Download.

Fill out with all the information and mail it to P.O. Box 34144, Washington, DC 20043-4144 or scan and send by email address

The main objective to be registered as a member will be to come together and know each other, and then discuss on our causes to find solutions. Remember Organized Women will bring solutions to our problems.


  1. Members of Oromo women residing or working in a given state, country, municipality, or any region in the world shall be encouraged to form a chapter
  2. An IOWO's chapter shall consist of no fewer than ten members.
  3. Chapters shall be chartered/certified by the International Organization Board upon meeting the preceding requirements.
  4. Every year the IOWO chapter's General assembly shall democratically elect their leadership committees.
  5. The committee shall consist of five (5) voting members. The five (5) committee members shall elect among its member: The Chairwoman, the secretary and Treasure. The rest two members shall chair the functional committees, which may include, but are not limited to membership, refugees, recreation and cultural committees.
  6. For a smooth continuity of the organization functions, 50% of the present committee members shall continue serving for another term. But not for more than two consecutive terms.
  7. IOWO chapters report to and guided by their respective IOWO Regional committees (RC). Where RC not established reports to and guided by the International Executive Committees (IEC).
  8. An IOWO's chapter may have its own by-laws consistent with the IOWO's By-laws and objectives.
  9. The policies and programs of each chapter shall be defined by its members so long as such policies and programs are not contrary to those enacted by this International by-law, international Conference or International Board.
  10. Membership in a chapter and voting privileges in the election of chapter Leadership and members of the International Conference shall be open to all IOWO members who meet the chapter dues and the agreed upon duration of membership.
  11. A person can be voting members of only one chapter.
  12. A member to be elected to any leadership position of a chapter must be a member of IOWO chapter in good standing.
  13. The local, grassroots chapters are the building blocks of IOWO.

Print member ship form.It is available in PDF format. To view this file format requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader Download.

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